Delevoper Docs v1.2

Developer documents to help the entity integrate with Rimit.

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We use POST method for all APIs.


If you are on a Multi-Tenant platform, it is recommended to use the unique tenant id or unique entity id in the params or query.

Applying any method other than recommended may affect future upgrades.


You need to add Webhook URIs to our dashboard to receive requests from us.

We use encryption for each request to protect the data.


To validate the request, API_ID and API_KEY must be passed through the head object in the request body. These can be generated from the dashboard.

Base URL for the test server -


We use AES-256-CBC for encryption for safeguarding the data over HTTPS.

A unique key is required to encrypt and decrypt data for request and response. entitys can generate key from the dashboard.

IV (Initialization Vector) is a unique random string of 16 characters. Both IV and key are used for encryption and decryption.


We create ciphertext using IV and key.

IV is mentioned at the end of the content object.

ciphertext and IV are separated by a fullstop.

entitys must encrypt content object using the key and newly generatedIV.


entitys can decrypt content object using a key already received and an IV which is sent along with ciphertext.

The IV should pass at the end of the response content object. IV is required to decrypt the ciphertext.

ciphertext and IV should be separated by a fullstop.